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Canadian Man Notices Odd Shape Rotating in the Sky

Is it a UFO?
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We’ve all see strange clouds in the sky, clouds that made you do double or even triple takes because they look nothing like what you’d expect a puff of water vapor to be. It’s not unusual for people to mistake a lenticular, or lens-shaped, cloud for a UFO. These clouds look like the stereotypical “flying saucer” that many claim to see in the skies.

In this case, it’s not a naturally occurring cloud that the man is finding suspicious in the Canadian sky, but it is still bizarre.

The video shows a shining, disc-shaped, shimmering shape in the sky. Is it a UFO? A portal to another dimension?

The truth is a little less fantastical, though no less fascinating. A ring like this is called a smoke vortex. Smoke vortices are caused by an explosive burst from a circular structure, such as a smokestack or even just a truck with a faulty engine. They are often caused when an electrical transformer explodes, because those, too, are shaped like a cylinder.

The freezing temperatures, angle of the sun and other atmospheric conditions combined to make this particular vortex look especially spectacular. The cold temps also meant that it could retain its shape and spin for quite a while, and take on the iridescence, probably due to frozen particles trapped in the vortex.

Sorry, UFO watchers. Maybe next time!

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