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Camphor: the Witchy Spiritual Cleanser the British Battled Taiwan Over

Protection and history, now in solid waxy form!

This witch has a quick tip for magically protecting one’s self while on the road. She believes keeping a few small squares of camphor in her car door will cleanse it from bad energies, as well as providing protection while driving. This interesting substance is a colorless waxy consistency with a strong aroma that comes from certain types of trees but can also be created synthetically from oil of turpentine. This strange substance was highly prized historically that the British attacked Taiwan due to their monopoly on the tree source after the rest of the world had depleted their reserves. 

Camphor is most commonly used as a topical medication to relieve itching from insect bites and other skin irritations, as it provides a cooling and numbing sensation. It was also used heavily in the early creation of plastics, and as a prized perfume ingredient.

Tossing some camphor in your car is a quick and easy way believed to keep your spiritual energies in good shape while commuting, but if you want to add extra protections then a full cleaning in traditional kitchen witch style could be in order. This combination of physical cleaning and spiritual cleaning can help create a more healthy life balance. 

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