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Woman Convinced She Captured a Ghost Walking Toward Campfire

Is that smoke or a spectre?
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The subject of ghost photography has been controversial since the invention of photography itself. For years, people have been desperate to catch physical proof of the spirits they claim to see. Nowadays, many would-be ghost photographers have gone a step farther, saying that the camera is capable of catching things that are invisible to the naked eye, and that the orbs, flares, and specks of dust are not imperfections captured by the lens and the technology, but rather, signs that there is a supernatural presence in the frame.

This woman thinks that she caught a ghost leering toward the flames when she was recently taking video of a bonfire.

The video is taken at night, and pans across a yard. On the left, a large dog stands watchfully, looking out into the woods, but as the camera pans to the right, toward the flames, a large, spectral figure can be seen walking quickly into the heart of the fire.

The person taking the video does not initially seem to notice this action, and keeps panning, showing a man standing to the right of the bonfire. Later, however, they were curious about what the camera had captured.

In the comments, some people think it’s just lens flare against the smoke. But others are not so sure. One who claims Native heritage says that they had always learned it was disrespectful to film a fire, as many spirits use fire to help them on their journey to the next plane. We were unable to find confirmation of this, but it’s a very pretty story.

And that dog was certainly watching something.

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