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Campers Think They May Have Spotted Bigfoot Taking a Bathroom Break

The zoom wobble is atrocious, but the footage is convincing.

Thanks to social media, footage has resurfaced of an encounter these campers believe was bigfoot. A large and hairy humanoid figure is seen crossing behind a tree and the woman asks if they are imagining it because they read a book about it recently. A man’s voice insists no and says it’s there again and the camera shows it crossing between the next set of trees. There is a lot of zoom wobble but the steady stride and dark silhouette is convincingly sasquatch-like. The woman’s voice says she thinks the creature went to the “bathroom” and they all keep expressing confusion as to what else could be walking around on two legs like that.  

As always, many commenters suggest it is a human in a costume or ghillie suit but that continues to beg the question of why somebody would go through that much effort on the chance of being spotted since the creature isn’t carrying any hunting equipment and has no packs of any sort on it that would indicate a reason for being out in the woods.

The creature seen in this video strongly resembles a more recent sighting inadvertently captured on an eagle nest camera that has a similar stride and body shape but nimbly traverses the woods and obstacles such as fallen trees and steep ravines. Sightings of these mysterious cryptid relatives of humans trace back to ancient times and have similar stories in nearly every culture across the earth, leading many to believe there is still more to be learned and discovered about the creatures we call bigfoot. 

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