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Mermaid Appears to Camouflage Itself in the Water as It Escapes

Where you going, Ariel?

I’m not sure if I actually believe in mermaids or if I just never got over my The Little Mermaid phase as a girl. When I was a kid, I used to slip those plastic diving rings over my feet and splash around in the backyard pool pretending I was Ariel from the Disney movie. And it’s odd that mermaid stories exist throughout history and in cultures all around the world. Are all mermaid sightings just tall tales or drunken sailors who can’t tell the difference between a marine humanoid and a dolphin, or are there really fabulous humanoid sea creatures lurking below the waves?

This video of an alleged mermaid has a special twist: this mermaid can camouflage itself, and hide in the surf.

In the video, the mermaid appears to be splashing near the surface, its scales, skin, and even hair the same turquoise hue as the water in which it is submerged.

Skeptical viewers claim this isn’t a mermaid at all, but just a person in the elaborate silicone fins and other costuming accoutrements that can be made or purchased nowadays. They point to the slow movements and the suggestion of hips and even knees within the “costume.”

But the mermaids human half, all the way down to fingers and hair also seems to be made of this same blue green material. If it’s a costume, it’s an especially impressive one. The effect can also be made via CGI.

Many animals in the sea are capable of changing color to camouflage themselves against their surroundings, particularly octopi and cuttlefish.

Maybe it’s not Ariel after all, but rather, Ursula.

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