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Grieving Mom's Says Security Camera Caught Sight of Son's Spirit Outside

Our loved ones are always near.
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The pain of losing a child is often the greatest suffering a person can know. Our sympathies go out to anyone who has known such a devastating tragedy, and we believe that finding comfort however you can is one step toward attempting to heal. Losing a loved one is difficult, no matter what the circumstances, and what your belief system. It comes as a great comfort to people to feel like the person they lost is still out there somewhere, and what’s more, can send them meaningful signs and symbols to let them know that although bodies die, souls never do.

And these days, isn’t it nice to know that there is technology that might help them out? The great thing about security cameras is that they can give you a sense of comfort, a way to know what might be happening out in your yard. It gets even better when said camera can alert you to the spiritual presence of the person you most want to visit, whether from this world or beyond.

In the video, a grieving mother shares screenshots from her porch camera’s alert system. Trained to recognize the faces of various family members, imagine her shock when it alerted her to the presence of “Luke” — her dead son— while she was inside.

Skeptics will say that it’s just a glitching the machine, but it’s certainly an odd one, to recognize a person’s face when there’s no one there at all. And the important thing of course, is that she can feel it’s real, and gains some comfort for her heartbreak.

There seem to be a lot of ghostly glitches with tech these days. From Teslas picking up “people” ambulating in empty graveyards to home speakers responding to voices and commands that no one else can hear—is technology trying to clue us into the afterlife?

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