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How to Call on Your Animal Familiar

It's more than just "Here, kitty, kitty..."

An animal familiar or familiar spirit was thought to be a servant of a witch, sorcerer or other magic worker. Some people believe that the term familiar does not actually refer to the closeness of the spirit to its master, but rather serves from the Latin word “famulus,” meaning servant. Though today, these spirits are most often rendered as regular animals (primarily black cats), they were traditionally thought of as true spirits or imps that only took the forms of ordinary companion animals.

But whether you are trying to see if that animal hanging around is truly a spirit guide or trying to connect with a familiar for the first time, this spell might help call them forth.

All you need to begin is a fire, a white candle, and a bit of fur or feathers to get you started. Drop a bit of the feather into the fire, then use the resulting flame to light your white candle.

While the candle burns and you hold the remainder of the feather, think about calling your familiar to you. Then, recite the following:

“What has been lost, I call to thee, much more than just good company. Goddess and god please lend your ears, help me find what I hold dear. Blessed be, so let it be.

In the comments section of the post, people share their own, touching stories of working with familiars (primarily the very physical, earthbound kinds we commonly call pets. Here are a few gems:

“My familiar is my cat. I met her at a narrow cross roads. She stopped my path going home and followed me,” said one.

“I recently got a snake that has my initial on its head and when I hold him he rubs against me like he’s cuddling,” claims another.

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