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You Can Apparently “Call On” Ghost Who Haunts the Eerie Horseshoe Curve in Altoona, PA

Honk three times...

In the wilds of western Pennsylvania you can find the allegedly haunted Horseshoe Curve reported by locals in the Altoona area to be home to paranormal activity. The urban legend says an Irish woman died in a horrible accident in the tunnels and her ghost lingers on waiting for mortal visitors. Those who wish to summon her are dared to stop their car in the tunnel, turn off the engine and lights, and honk the horn three times. 

Those brave, or possibly foolish, enough to try and make contact claim such things as mysterious handprints appearing on the outside of their car, noises that sound like attacks, and some even claim they were unable to restart their car.

Another known effect of stopping in a tunnel and turning off the lights is potentially being the cause of a car accident, so this seems like a highly dangerous activity with or without the ghost.

Horseshoe Curve isn’t the only tunnel rumored to be haunted in that region, as outside of Pittsburgh many tell the tale of the Green Man tunnel, which has similar rumors of honking to summon the ghost. 

There’s just something about tunnels beneath the earth that call to humans to explore and to tell creepy stories of those explorations.

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