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Surfer Claims Ghost From San Diego's Haunted Whaley House Followed Her Home After She Played Piano

She brought the spirits home with her...

Whaley House, in Old Town San Diego is a hundred and seventy-year old mansion. It claims “the most haunted house in America” and has plenty of stories to back up this boast. Both Whaley parents and several of their children died in the home over the years, including one daughter by suicide. Later, residents and visitors to the home began noticing mysterious incidents that pointed to a haunting. A criminal executed on the land is said to leave mysterious footprints in the yard, while a baby’s laughter and a woman crying n the stairwell can also be heard. Shadows seem to lurk at the windows, and workers there hear voices and feel disembodied hands touching them.

Due to all this activity, the house is a popular tourist attraction in San Diego to this day. Yet when this local surfer girl visited, it wasn’t the ghosts at the house that concerned her, but the ones who may have followed her home.


In the video, a woman refinishes a surfboard with a ghostly drawing, and tells the story of what befell her after she took a tour at “the most haunted house in America.”

As a piano player, she was charmed by the piano sitting in the house and asked the tour guide if she could play it. Shockingly, the employee said yes, and she plays d a little tune on the clearly cursed piano in the Whaley home. She didn’t think much of it, but after she returned home that night, she and her brother were woken in the night by a hideous crash and the sound of piano keys playing.

Was an errant ghost letting them know that if she played piano at the Whaley’s, it would return the favor?