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Woman's Cabinets Inexplicably Start Bleeding

Better call a priest.
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Bleeding walls have long been considered a huge red flag when it comes to discovering whether or not your house is haunted. The walls bled in the house in Amityville Horror. In the Shining, the blood flowed through the hotel hallways like a river. General horror story best practices say that when something in your house that shouldn’t have blood in it starts spontaneously bleeding, then it’s a sign to Get Out.

So when this woman noticed her bathroom cabinets dripping blood, she was understandably concerned. 


In the video, the woman has already noticed the blood in her cabinets, and has called in reinforcements: her father.

However, he is similarly baffled. “That’s really bad,” he tells her, mystified, when she asks him what to do about the “demon juice” flowing out of her bathroom cabinets.

“Should we move?” she continues.

“We should have a seance,” he replies.

Spoiler alert. They do not have a seance. Instead, they take out the medicine cabinet, looking for the culprit, and send the bloody emission away to test for fungus and algae.

But there is good news! As this recent video shows, they finally identified the culprit behind this bloody mystery, and it turns out it’s not a demonic force or a paranormal presence. Rather, there were two small plates of metal set into the wall for the medicine cabinet to rest on that had developed some rust in the crack between them. When this rust combined with condensation (not unusual in a humid bathroom environment), the blood-colored liquid, mostly rust, leaked out.

That’s a relief.