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Former Bus Driver Details the Time a “Spirit” Got Onboard With a Student

This is worth turning the sound on for.

Everyone knows children have wild imaginations, and that their grasp of the difference between what is real and what is imaginary can sometimes be less than certain. Many of them have imaginary friends. Sometimes, these beings take the form of loved ones long since gone, which can always be a bracing experience for the adults who hear about how their daughter just happens to have an old friend who is the spitting image of a family member who has passed away.

In this story of a so-called “imaginary friend” a bus driver hears about a spirit that lives in a girl’s house, and begins to wonder what it is the child really sees.


“I was perfectly fine driving my bus and dropping students off as normal,” the bus driver explains, in an accent and vernacular that is an absolute delight to hear. However, his day changes significantly when he notices one of his young charges talking animatedly with a being who does not appear to be there.

He asks hereabout her invisible seat mate. Unperturbed, the child tells him it is only “Clifton”, the spirit who follows her everywhere she goes.

“He’s a spirit that lives in my house with me,” she claims, and goes on to assure the driver that she will not leave Clifton being when she gets off the bus, as he’s her buddy.

The bus driver swilling to write all this off as just an overactive child’s imagination, and asks the girl if she’s told her mother about Clifton.

Though the answer is yes, the driver recalls that this girl’s mother isn’t necessarily all there, either. “Her cornbread isn’t done in the middle,” he says.