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Dragonfly Gently Rests On Couple’s Hands the Day After They Buried Their Son

They genuinely believe he is visiting.
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Losing a loved one is difficult, no matter what the circumstances, and what your belief system. It comes as a great comfort to people to feel like the person they lost is still out there somewhere, and what’s more, can send them meaningful signs and symbols to let them know that although bodies die, souls never do.

For this family, who experienced the heartbreaking loss of a child due to the cancer he fought his whole, short life, they believe that messages from the beyond take a particular, delicate form.

In the video, a grieving mom shares the story about how they went to the beach for a bit of family time after they buried their son. The first day they were there, a beautiful dragonfly landed on their hands. It showed no fear and touched each of them during its visit. They believe that it was a message from their son, showing them that he is still connected to them.

In the time since, dragonflies have appeared on other special occasions, cementing this belief that this is the form and symbol that their son chooses to take when connecting with them.

Many people believe that the sightings of particular animals, natural events (like thunderstorms or rainbows) and even curious smells like baking, cigar smoke, or a favorite perfume, are all ways that loved ones who have passed choose to communicate with the living.

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