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Man Finds Mysterious Car Buried in Backyard

They had been there for 2 months before discovering it.

Though it’s not unheard of, burying cars is not an everyday occurrence. To start with, it’s pretty difficult to do, and the massive amount of work it takes may not be worth whatever you save on having it hauled to the junkyard. That is why, often when people find buried cars, they are actually stumbling on a criminal cover-up, whether it’s something as simple as an insurance scam, or something far more sinister. 


In this video, a family discovers a car buried on their property two months after moving in. They have no idea how long the car has been there, but it is completely rusted, and filled with dirt inside and out.

If you do discover a car underground, it’s best to contact authorities before disturbing the site too much In the most infamous case of buried-car mischief, the discover of an interred vehicle actually led to solving the case of a serial killer.

In 2002, DNA evidence led to the arrest of Dale Wayne Eaton for a long-cold case, the 1988 murder of Lisa Marie Kimmel (known in the media at the time as the Lil’ Miss Murder) in Wyoming. Investigators were told by neighbors that Eaton had dug a huge hole in his backyard, and they were able to exhume Kimmel’s car, with its tell-tale “Lil’ Miss” license plate that had given the case its name. Due to this “trophy” being kept by the killer as well as the many other, similar unsolved murders in the area in the same time, authorities believe Eaton is a serial killer. He is currently in prison in Wyoming.

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The buried car here might not be hiding a murder, but it’s certainly a mystery. 

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