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Burbank Porch Camera Caught a UFO Mid-Flight

An eyewitness said it disappeared!

A porch camera was able to catch the trajectory of something glowing and unusual in the sky above Burbank. Though no one is quite sure of what they saw, eyewitness accounts of the object describe its behavior in a manner inconsistent with regular aircraft, atmospheric phenomena, or even space debris.


In the video, a porch camera films a strange trailing streak across the sky. It appears out of nowhere and lights up as is trails, almost parallel to the horizon.

The resident says that when seeing it with his own eyes, it glowed an orange color, and he initially thought it was a meteor or a piece of space debris, but then apparently, it stopped mid-flight and vanished!

Another eyewitness who caught this thread on the forum claims to have seen the same phenomenon. However, when they saw it it was blue.

People are baffled to what the object could have been. Drones do not typically create glowing light trails, and fireworks do not stop mid flight. Meteors, too, tend to break apart and sputter out as they fall, not freeze in mid-air.

Skeptics note that there is an airport in Burbank, but if the porch camera were regularly part of a flight path, then this sighting would not be so unusual, and that does not remotely account for any of the strange behavior that eyewitnesses (who presumably would also be familiar with the movements of planes above Burbank) noticed.

UFO enthusiasts would classify this under the “glowing orb” type of spacecraft. So far, it has not been definitely identified.