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Bruja Rituals to Close Out the Year

Spiritually wrap things up before starting new projects.

Every ending is a chance for a new beginning, which is why this Bruja witch is sharing her rituals for closing out the year. She suggests a thorough and deep cleaning and cleansing, both physical and spiritual. Wash all your laundry, dust, sweep, empty the sink of all dishes, etc, so that your environment can feel fresh and ready for new things.  

Another bit of local lore is that eating black eyed peas is good luck and will offer protection for the new year. This is a common component of many traditional New Year’s Day meals. She also says that she eats twelve red grapes for additional protections.

Along with consuming those things herself, she also recommends burning candles and offering some to the ancestors who watch over you. Many use liquor and rich or sweet foods, but if you know your ancestors liked something else that can be a welcome and personalized addition to familial tributes.

If you’re still feeling like you need an extra boost, another bruja tip is to wash your hands with a mixture of cinnamon and salt which is purported to attract money and wealth into your life, and we could all use a little more wealth right about now! 

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