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‘Bruja Tip’ Explains Why You Need to Burn Bay Leaves at the Beginning Of a New Month

This is totally worth trying.

I’m all about the simple magic. Spells that can be performed with items in your kitchen cabinet are always going to be preferable to ones that require ingredients harvested during a total eclipse of the sun, for example. This tip from a TikTok Bruja is about manifesting your desires, and it couldn’t be more simple.


Bruja in Spanish means, simply, witch, and there are a variety of practices throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, and other Spanish speaking places that fall under the umbrella term Brujería. Many Brujas practice a syncretic sort of witchcraft drawn from sources as disparate as African religious, American indigenous traditions, and even Catholicism.

In this video, TikTok Bruja Monica, who posts as @buenasvibrascrystals222 teaches viewers a new-month ritual that is sure to bring you all that you desire. 

And it couldn’t be easier. Simply take a bay leaf, like the kind used in cooking roasts, rice, and beans, and write down all your intentions and wishes on it. Want a new job? Better health? A hot date? Inscribe it in your best script on that little dried-up leaf, then set it on fire. (We suggest doing this over a flame proof ceramic or glass bowl to catch the ashes.) Then sprinkle the ashes outside your door and wait for your dreams to manifest. “It works every time,” Monica claims.

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“P.S. don’t forget your cinnamon rituals,” she adds, referring to the new-month ritual of blowing cinnamon through your front door for prosperity. So head on over to your spice cabinet and make some magic.

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