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Mom Convinced Deceased Brother Reincarnated As Her Little Boy

The resemblance is uncanny.

Those who believe in reincarnation often speak of “soul groups,” the idea that groups of people meet again in life after life, although their roles are not always the same. A person who was a friend or a relative in one life might be a lover in another. In this way, the love between people can transcend lifetimes. It may sound outlandish, but we’ve all had the experience of meeting someone and feeling an instant connection to them, almost as if you were destined to be close.

For this young mom, losing her brother eight years ago was devastating, but now she thinks it’s possible that she has met him again—in the body of her son.


In the video, the mother expresses how hard it has been on her since her beloved brother died. But now, when she looks into her own son’s face, she sees such an uncanny resemblance that she wonders if maybe they aren’t the same person, or at least identical twins.

Then, she shows two photos: the first of her brother as a young boy and the second of her son.

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Reader, I gasped. That resemblance is amazing!

Of course, there’s no rules that soul reincarnations need to resemble each other at all, and besides, the easiest explanation as to why a nephew would look like his uncle is because they are very closely related.

But it’s a sweet coincidence anyway, and I’m sure it makes this mom and her brother (wherever his spirit may reside) very happy. 

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