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Parents Take Eldest Son to Disney After His Younger Brother Died, but Apparently He Tagged Along

Brothers for life and beyond...

How do you comfort your child while you are both grieving the loss of their sibling? It’s an impossible question with no one right answer. These parents hoped a trip to Disneyland would help their youngest escape the brutal reality of attending his brother’s funeral, but were shocked when his spirit seemed to come along to the amusement park with them. They took a break to stop and eat dinner, and a lonely fourth chair empty at the table was a painful reminder of who they wished was there. The youngest began offering food to the empty spot in the chair where his brother should be.  

The mother asked her young son what he was doing, and he said he was feeding his brother. The mother was so startled she had to ask again and her son explained his brother was right there with him, in the chair next to him. He goes on sharing his food and offering sips of his chocolate milk to an empty chair he insists holds his brother.

Is the ghost of their beloved and departed son continuing to follow them around beyond the boundaries of death? Many believe that spirits are able to interfere with electrical currents which is why paranormal investigators often utilize devices such as voice recorders, motion detectors, and electromagnetic field detectors while seeking proof of ghostly activity.  

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