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Brooklyn Woman Films Strange Circle of Lights in the Sky

She says it's a UFO.
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Now that the vast majority of people walk around with powerful cameras in their pockets, there are a lot more recordings available of strange objects in the sky. Sometimes they are nothing more than lenticular clouds, smoke rings from blown transformers, or even the after effects of a launching spacecraft. But we don’t always know what these unidentified aerial phenomena are, and more and more, people are coming to accept the idea that there truly are unidentified flying objects up there.

And sometimes it’s only unidentified if you don’t think too hard about what it is you’re recording in the sky. In this video a woman in Brooklyn swears that there is a UFO in the sky, a circle of flashing lights hidden just beyond the clouds. But what is really going on?

Sure, maybe the aliens are hovering above the cloud cover in New York City, in a ship that puts even the behemoths that destroyed the metropolis in movies like Independence Day to shame. Naturally, such an object would be visible to others in the heavily populated urban center, and certainly to passengers in any plane that might be coming into one of the three area airports.


Hmm, then maybe it’s just the reflection of lights on the lower surface of the clouds, which, coincidentally, is also the way the bat signal works in the very New York-like fictional city of Gotham. The circle of lights is most likely from a stadium or other large venue.

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