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Little Boy Appears To Be Pushed By Unseen Force While Playing in Yard

Time to move!

One issue with social media apps like TikTok is that it’s so very easy for new items to be posted and reposted and soon lose all sense of context. Identities and locations are stripped, things are carefully edited, and it often becomes hard to tell what you’re seeing, w hy you’re seeing it, and if the creators ever wanted it to be seen. This kind of problem is especially prevalent with “aggregator” accounts that scan the apps for clips regarding certain topics, and then just repost them.

This clip, making the rounds on Spooky TikTok, purports to be of a child being violently pushed by a a ghost while playing in the fallen leaves. If you look at the comments, they are filled with people trying to figure out how the video was “faked.” Was it a quick cut? A careful edit to remove another child from the video? A person in a green screen suit? Let’s investigate.

I was able to track down the original poster of this video, a TikToker who posts under the handle of @leanne18.18. Lea is the boy’s mother, and posted the video because she says it’s one of the only pieces of “proof” she has for the haunting she and her family experienced in a house where they briefly lived.

In other videos on her page, she explains that while living in the house, she was plagued by dreams of a man. Later, she claims, a neighbor told her that a previous resident of the home had committed suicide there. When the neighbor showed Lea a picture of the man, she was stunned—it was the same guy as in her dreams!

Still doesn’t explain what he was doing moving a kid, though.

Eventually, she and her family moved out of the house, and the strange occurrences stopped. But though we cannot definitively say hat what we witnessed in the video was a shove from a ghost, I’m confident in calling this one as not being the result of editing or special effects.

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