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Mom Thinks Son Might Be a Reincarnation of Her Late Father

What an eerie feeling this must be.

The phrase “out of the mouths of babes” has its origins in the Bible, but has been revised into a proverb that commonly means that children can sometimes show remarkable wisdom and insight. This goes double for when they talk about memories they couldn’t possibly have or family secrets they have no way of knowing. At least, not in this lifetime.

This woman, the keeper of a terrible family history, was recently shocked when her toddler son suddenly revealed that he may know far more about his namesake that she’d ever thought possible.


In this video, a mom shares a shocking moment with her four year old. She says they were driving in the car one day and talking about grandfathers. She explains to him that although he never met his grandfather, he was named after the man (her dad).

And that’s when the boy, out of nowhere, replies “I ran away from a broken heart. All my friends broke my heart.”

This stunned the woman, because, in her youth, her father died after a long battle with depression and addiction. She says that on his final night, he was very drunk and trying to find a place to stay at various friends’ houses, but they all turned him away due to his propensity for violence while under the influence.

The boy’s words reminded her of the pain her father must have been feeling back then, but she says there was no way for the child to know what had happened to his grandfather, as she obviously hadn’t explained all the tragic details to her toddler son.

Was it a message from her father being passed along, or is this boy a reincarnation of his namesake’s soul?