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Man Finds Cursed Bottle Buried in Riverbed

I think you should put that back, sir.

Scouring riverbeds for old junk and possible treasures is a practice known as “mudlarking”. Here, a self-professed archaeologist digs around under an old, Revolutionary War-era bridge, and comes up with a bunch of old garbage, and a possible curse.


In the video, “Russian Archaeologist” Sergei Merkelov uncovers what he calls a witch’s spell jar while exploring a riverbed. The jar was filled with a ball of hair and a torn-out page from a Bible (Psalms, if you’re curious).

Though unbothered by the “curse” that might have been laid upon him for opening the jar, viewers of the video flocked to warn him in the comments.

“Put it back,” several viewers warn, and Merkelov is quick to reassure them that he did. Some do not believe that move is enough, saying there might be a “jump” curse on the jar, and that by disturbing it, whatever hex the magic contained has now “jumped” to him. Others demur, although they point out that if the sealed jar was indeed some kind of binding spell or generational curse, that his opening the jar has broken the magic.

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Many don’t believe there is a curse inside that jar at all. “That’s Appalachian magic,” one insists. “They were praying for someone.” But others disagree, saying that the use of the Psalms pages in this spell jar indicate it was used in a witch’s curse, and not as a protective or healing spell at all.

Whatever the true meaning of that bottle, Merkelov did not suffer any immediate effects from the experience, and he and his team went on to find a variety of old goods buried in the muck. 

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