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Michigan Man Discovers a Creepy Jar Hidden In the Crawl Space Of His New Home

Renovate they said. It’ll be fun, they said...

Renovating old homes is sure to come with its share of…surprises. From wiring jobs that aren’t up to code to septic tanks on the verge of collapse, it’s an adventure from the first swipe of the sledgehammer to the last buff of the polishing rag.

For this gentleman, what he uncovered is not as dangerous as bad wiring…or is it?


In the video, a man is showing off what he’s found in the cellar of his 1870s Michigan house: a jar filled with ash and bones. The jar is an old-fashioned “Ball” mason jar, and the bones inside are long enough to belong to a dog, a cat, or perhaps even a person. Along with the bones and ash, the top of the jar has been sealed with wax as well as a clump of hair.

Many viewers left comments to the effect that this must be a witch’s spell jar, and that opening it could either break the spell or alternatively, release whatever the witch “sealed” inside the jar. Others claim they are simply remains of some sort, such as from a family pet, and that this jar is a makeshift urn.

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I’m going to go ahead and say a big nope for that one. Even makeshift urns are more likely to be a ceramic pot or vase, rather than a clear jar, and that still doesn’t explain the “sealant.

The man does point out the there are many “stories” about the history of this house that would be in keeping with a witch’s jar. He says he doesn’t know what he plans to do with the object, but hopes to get some clear advice from experts before proceeding.

Good idea. 

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