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Woman Finds ‘Remains’ Buried In a Tree

Whose bones are those?

Occasionally I wonder if there’s some kind of club or group out there that thinks to itself, “You know what would be fun? We need to go around leaving creepy things in the woods just to scare people.” Maybe that is what might explain the caches of dolls that people randomly find while they are out in the woods. Perhaps this hypothetical club scrolls through social media, hoping desperately that someone has found their objets d’art and appropriately freaked out about it. Perhaps there are certain scores or trophies their club members can claim if such videos go viral.

Wait, did I just invent this club?

Be that as it may, someone had very specific intentions with the items placed in this hollow tree.


In the video, a woman is taken aback when she discovers a skeleton arm covered with a Bible inside this tree. At first she thinks it’s actual human remains, but viewers quickly point out that real skeletal remains don’t stay in perfect formation once the tendons have rotted away.

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She seems relieved to discover that it’s “only plastic,” but here’s my question: what possible reason would someone have to bury a plastic skeleton arm and cover it with a Bible? If that’s not a ward of some sort, I’d be very surprised.

And very nervous about this plastic skeleton. After all, some dolls are haunted by evil spirits. Maybe there’s a reason that thing was banished inside the tree. Best not disturb it. 

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