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Boater Spots Bigfoot Walking Between Tree Clusters

Technically all sasquatches are naked, but this one looks like it.

This man was enjoying a lovely sunny day on his boat when he saw a creature resembling bigfoot walking between two trees on land just across the water. This wasn’t the typical dark, shadowy figure spotted from a distance, but a lighter brown hairy figure that seemed more like a naked neanderthal than an ape-like creature covered in fur. It walks on two legs across the gap between the trees with swinging arms and it ducks as it reaches the branches of the trees before disappearing into the forest again.  

The man claims this beast was the same color as the undergrowth and if it had been laying down instead of walking he never would have seen it. He says this great camouflage helps the creatures stay hidden and unproven by science.

While many believe bigfoot and sasquatch creatures to be a sort of missing link on the hominid family tree, there are plenty of sightings that report a more neanderthal-like appearance. Notably, a mid-nineteenth century Russian hunting party not only found but captured and kept one such example. She was given to a nobleman and became known as Zana the Neanderthal. What’s even stranger is she was said to have born several children, some of which survived into adulthood. This indicates she was either human or closely related enough to modern man for breeding compatibility, although it also raises ethical and moral questions as she never displayed an ability to learn more than simple tasks. 

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