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Blue Orb Darts Across Sky and Then Hangs Motionless

The fog is not helping.

A bright blue dot in the sky prompted a bystander to whip out his phone and press record. He saw it shoot across the sky and then stopped suddenly, seeming to hover motionlessly in the sky. The man recording says he is zoomed in as much as he can but he has no idea what this is. He discloses his location as Texas. Occasionally the blue light flickers green. 

He brings the phone camera down to wipe the lens, hoping for a clearer view, and when he points it back at the strange blue orb in the sky it can be seen moving steadily toward a rooftop in the corner of the screen. It suddenly stops and starts moving the other direction, back from where it had been moments ago, and then stops again and reverses direction back toward the roof. It continues on until it’s out of sight behind the building this time.

We do not have a confirmed explanation for this Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, although the usual go-to “explanation” is that it’s a civilian drone. These publicly available toys have increased in availability and technology making it difficult to identify them with so many different models available.

This video seems to show a craft that is flying much higher than expected from a civilian drone, and pivots directions so seamlessly it gives doubt to immediately identifying it. Potential UFO sightings have tripled since the government declassification of intelligence reports indicating they have been studying these unknown aircrafts for many years despite publicly denying it. 

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