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Did Tourists Capture a “Portal” Opening Up in the Sky?

What is that thing?

There are many mysterious things that appear in the sky. From odd atmospheric phenomenon to the unexpected remnants of rocket launches, jet flyovers, and even the occasional explosion of an electrical transformer, it’s not hard to find videos of folks recording the weird things they’ve noticed hovering overhead. And that’s before we get into the phenomenally well-documented phenomenon of UFOs.

A recent video taken in an Asian city has viewers baffled by a strange ring of light in the sky. 


Is it a portal? The under-carriage lights of a flying saucer? The people taking the video don’t seem to have any idea.

But maybe the ones leaving comments on it do.

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The first rush of comments are a lot of conspiracy theory nonsense and pop culture references, everything from the notorious conspiracy theory of “project blue beam” to “calling the Avengers” and similar. But others have more useful information.

“It’s a reflection on the clouds from the lights on a helicopter pad on top of that building,” says one. So, kind of like the bat signal. And, given the placement of that skyscraper, it does stand to reason that lights on its roof could create that shape in the sky.

But others have an even more reasonable explanation than that. The video was posted in March of 2022. The Paralympic Games were hosted in Beijing in March of 2022. If this video was indeed taken in Beijing, we may be looking at nothing more than lights from their ceremony rehearsals, as several commenters familiar with the event state. 

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