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Security Camera Catches Black Cat Materializing Out of Nowhere

Pet...or demon?

I for one believe that black cats get a bad rap. Though they have long been considered harbingers of doom, black cats can be every bit as cuddly and lovable as their ginger or tabby brothers and sisters. Additionally, a cat can’t help what color it is, so to discriminate against a feline due to the color of their fur seems awfully discriminatory.

Still, I can’t help but get a little creeped out by this video, in which a black cat seems to appear out of nowhere. 


And I do mean nowhere! We’ve all had the experience of watching our cats pop up in unexpected places. But this one slowly materializes over a period of several minutes, not that the other cat or even the cat’s owner seems to notice.

Did you see it? Keep your eye on the couch near the left hand side of the screen. First there is nothing, and then, slowly but surely there is a cat. How in heaven’s name did it get there, and does it have any plans other than taking a nap?

I admit, if I were to come into a room and see a cat sitting on my couch, I’d expect it was just one more mystery of the feline world. Cats just….show up places, and you either accept it or don’t. It would only be when playing back this tape and seeing that the cat didn’t slip in through a door or an open window, but instead just appareled, that I would become suspicious, and maybe even a little scared.