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"Medical Intuitive" Breaks Down the Conflicting Spiritual Meaning Behind Birthmarks

Does the size and placement mean anything?

Though it has in the past been vilified and occasionally forgiven, nowadays palm reading is generally regarded as a fun, harmless pastime in which people claim that various marks and lines on the palms of one’s hands can reveal personality traits or even one’s future. Phrenology, on the other hand, is now held as a deeply damaging pseudoscience, related closely to the harmful ideas of eugenics, in which practitioners claim that bumps on the skull foretell various characteristics of a person and can even indicate their intelligence and propensity to commit crimes.

The study of the placement and supposed meaning of birthmarks fall somewhere between these two extremes. In the past, birthmarks have been regarded in extremely questionable ways, with witch trials using their existence and placement to “prove” that the accused is in league with the devil. Many, many people have been falsely imprisoned or even put to death due to utterly harmless marks on their skin. However, some people, such as the one in this video below, are trying to reclaim the study of birthmarks as a palmistry-style astrology of the body. Will it work, or is this a slippery slope back to “witch’s marks” and phrenology-style pseudoscience?


In this video, “medical intuitive” and TikToker Stacee, who is also selling a book about the meaning of birthmarks, argues with another TikToker about the supposed “meaning” behind birthmarks appearing on your stomach. The original poster says they are indicative of childbirth trauma or even death in childbirth. But Stacee disagrees, arguing that these marks are a sign of gentleness, kindness, and empathy. It indicates they “may have some turmoil in their life” (ha, who doesn’t?) and that they may be “stuck in negative emotions.These vague platitudes are definitely more in keeping with the insights offered by by your horoscope.

Bottom line, it may be fun to speculate on the “meaning” of your birthmarks, but don’t take it too seriously. 

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