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Make a "Bindrune" To Help Connect With Your Ancestors

This is the right time of year for this work.

The term “bindrune” sounds very fancy and arcane, but it’s really just two runes “bound” together, usually by using the same vertical stroke to draw the glyphs as one. Think of it as a sort of runic cursive. Bindrunes are pretty common in various runic traditions, and the different runes are joined together differently depending on the language and ligature you are using.

The effect is often ornamental (like a signature) and occasionally, as in this instance, ceremonial.

The most common types of bind runes are made from combining two (or sometimes three) different runes into one, using the same vertical axis for all of them, as the woman in this video demonstrates. The effect of binding these runes together is supposedly to amplify and compound the power and energy of runes and whatever you are hoping to manifest or enhance through your runic work.

One bindrune combo that works well for ancestor rituals involves the runic versions of the initials of their names, or their sigils, if they had their own. To connect you to your ancestors you might draw bind runes with your initials and/or sigils and theirs.

In the video, the woman draws a bindrune specifically to help in communication with those on the other side. The rune appears to combine several communication based symbols. She also suggests placing it near an altar with mementos of loved ones past, and to meditate on the rune for guidance.

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