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Driver Pulls Over to Record Bigfoot Walking Through Open Field

It's like they aren't even trying to hide anymore.

At first it’s just a dark spot moving against a field of dried grass, but then the camera zooms in to show a dark, bipedal creature walking with a long gait and swinging arms. The video zooms in further and there is no doubt - it looks like bigfoot. The sideview mirror in the initial shot indicates this driver pulled over when they spotted the potential bigfoot, and it looks like there is a guard rail separating the shoulder of the road from the grassy field.  

Bigfoot sightings and video recordings have been on the rise around the world as instant and continual access to cameras increases, but these citizen sightings often lack the means or time necessary for proper follow up studies. How many people have time to do more than pull over, record a few minutes, and then continue on with their day? It would likely take many hours to cross the field on foot and then search for traces of hair or prints along the path the creature took, and many more hours or even days to search the surrounding area to try and find the creature itself again.  

If you’re looking to see a sasquatch of your very own, the good news is there have been sightings nearly everywhere. Or at least nearly everywhere there aren’t people. These interstitial areas of land along highways and roads are increasingly the setting for chance encounters as observant drivers pull over to nab footage.

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