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Mysterious Bigfoot Creature Rips Trees Out of the Ground

Or could the ents be marching?

A tree begins shaking violently off in the distance so this man whipped out his phone to document it. The top of the tree sways severely and then seems to run off behind a rock. Just as viewers are thinking perhaps the tree simply fell behind the rock, it starts to happen again on a tree with an unblocked view. The tree shakes and then seems to stand up, becoming several feet taller. A humanoid figure can be seen at the base as the whole tree seems to be carried off behind the rock where the other tree vanished. The cameraman starts freaking out and runs away before more footage can be taken of what clearly seems to be a sasquatch ripping out trees and sprinting off with them. 

It is unclear why the man turned and fled, as the initial shot showed an entire snow filled valley between him and the rocky outcropping where these pine trees seem to be uprooting and running away. The camera appears to be at maximum zoom capacity just to capture the visual evidence of what is happening, which does result in the details being blurred but short of special effects editing it is unclear what else could create this effect, even from a distance.

Many bigfoot sightings recount the beast shaking trees in an aggressive display meant to intimidate people away, but this video seems to indicate something else entirely. The sasquatch does not seem to notice it is being watched from afar which means it’s taking those trees somewhere else to do something with them. It’s been long speculated that these hominid cryptids must be at a tool making level to have survived in secret all this time.

One piece of supportive reasoning to Bigfoot using tools is examination of potential diets based on locations of sightings. The extremely wide and varied environments of frequent sightings point towards an extremely human diet, including hunting when vegetation is scarce. Could the Bigfoot in this video be taking trees to craft into tools or weapons to hunt? Or perhaps given as the time seems to be nightfall and the creature is moving swiftly it is crafting a shelter to sleep for the night? That would beg the question of what would cause a Bigfoot to need emergency shelter just before dark? 

Looking once again to human behavior to explain our potential cousin on the family tree, one possible explanation is an injured companion nearby. Finding an injured member of the mythical cryptid might be the ideal scenario in proving its existence - as offering help is a universal sign of friendship that can transcend even species barriers. 

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