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Woman Films Bigfoot Jumping Out of a Tree in California

Definitely not a bear!

Many people believe that the cryptid known as Bigfoot is not a physical creature at all. It’s not a wild animal like a gorilla or a bear, but instead some kind of supernatural creature, capable of “phasing” in and out of existence, or being “cloaked”. How else to explain how no one has ever found concrete evidence of their existence? No habitat, no bones, nothing than the occasional blurry photo or smeared footprint.

But if that is the case, then there has got to be an easier way to get down from a tree than what this woman captured a Bigfoot doing on a recent video. Check this out.

In this video, captured accidentally during an off-roading session, a woman captured a split second shot of a large, shadowy bipedal figure jumping out of a tree and running off on two legs.

This video was taken in Northern California, so most people would immediately assume that the creature she surprised by arriving in her vehicle was simply a California black bear.

However, if it is a bear, it is behaving very unusually. For what bear, when trying to run away, would do so on two legs?

In the comments, viewers share their own experiences with Northern California Bigfoots, and they all have similar vibes—blurry, faster-than-fast glimpses at a creature that they can’t entirely believe exists. It’s hard to believe that there is an unknown creature out there, but these videos are hard to dismiss.

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