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Hunter Claims He Recorded Bigfoot Growling Outside His Tent

It's not a bear!

Whenever someone produces video or audio evidence of Bigfoot, the discussion always turns to whether or not this has been faked. And although there are countless ways to fake visuals or sound, and very easily too, given today’s technology, the question I always come back to is that we should be asking, “Why?” What is in it for a random person on TikTok to post a “faked” video of Bigfoot? Especially if they are not a cryptid “influencer,” with a channel devoted to such content, they have little to gain from going to the trouble.

Still, you never know what drives these TikTok trends. Such a this one, which is making the rounds recently with the same old recording attached.


In this viral video, a bowhunter films out his tent, where, he purports, one can hear the sound of some mysterious creature howling.

But the sound isn’t original to this video. Like most TikTok videos, it’s just a viral sound pasted over the images. This one is called “BIGFOOT_I_AM_REAL” and according to the comments, it’s a sound first recorded in the Sierra Nevada mountains and associated with the popular Bigfoot and conspiracy theory media presence known as Missing 411.

Why is someone sharing this? Well, to understand that, one would have to understand why TikTok trends go viral, and what is fun about remixing various sounds and sharing it to a TikTok hashtag. To read the comments on this post, however, it is clear that most listeners think this creator is “faking” instead of just doing what every TikToker does by remixing the sounds with their own videos.

And maybe confusion that was the point the whole time.