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Family Dog Keeps Warning About Strange Structures Appearing in Woods

Could it be Bigfoot?

Of all the mysterious things that Bigfoot is known to do—throw rocks, abduct children, shake trees and growl furiously in the woods—perhaps the most baffling are the objects some call “Bigfoot structures”, which are massive Xs, stars, and other arrangements of tree branches and trunks that many Bigfoot experts believe are signs of the cryptid’s presence. Could fallen trees naturally make an X in the woods? Could the more elaborate structures just be primitive campsites of human beings? Let’s not ruin the fun.

However, if you do have a Bigfoot in your woods, you probably want to know about it, which is why it’s so great that this dog seems to be on the lookout and ready to inform her family about whatever is hiding out on their land.

In this video, a family shares a story about how their dog kept worrying about something they detected the woods behind their home, and led them back there multiple times to investigate. Each time, they found elaborate structures made from fallen tree branches.

In the comments, people debate over whether these objects are signs of a cryptid or simply some folks making camp. The family saw no other indication of human residence, like litter, belongings, or the remains of a fire, and given that they didn’t notice the presence, one wonders if it was in fact the elusive hairy beast himself.

Or maybe the campers were just super serious about “leave no trace.”

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