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Father Playing with Toddler Gets Spooked by Possible Bigfoot

Let's just go back inside...

A proud father was recording video of his one year old toddler pushing a large plastic rideable toy car when he makes a startled noise and lets his camera drift upward to the trees just a few paces away. A large, shadowy, bipedal figure slips quickly through the trees and behind a small shed. The father quickly ushers his child inside when a strange, low, roaring growl is heard. 

This brief yet compelling footage had us going for a minute but a bit of further research shows the creator is a video effects artist and short sci-fi filmmaker, making it quite likely this is CGI manipulated to portray a convincing sasquatch encounter. Despite the disappointment, one has to appreciate the finesse and subtlety of the fake managing to capture the essence of just enough of the cryptid to be believable without crossing the line into obviously faked.

That is the difficulty with so much video footage claiming to capture cryptids on camera - the easy accessibility of realistic trickery. Despite those hurdles, there are still many convincing videos surfacing where circumstances make it unlikely anybody could have fabricated the situations, such as the recent footage accidentally captured on an eagle nest camera

Those who honestly believe they have captured video of bigfoot will have to start returning to the scene to collect hair samples, footprints, and other evidence to support the all too easily faked camera footage that leave many skeptical as to whether or not the legendary beast is really out there. 

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