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Alleged Bigfoot Video Recorded in Ohio, Salt Fork State Park

They were able to capture several minutes of the alleged creature on camera.

These bigfoot hunters meant business when they went to investigate Salt Fork State Park in Ohio for signs of the legendary sasquatch. Mysterious footage of a large and hairy bipedal creature is teased before the rest of the search is shown. They begin their hunt at a warning sign indicating there are dangerous cliff areas ahead and to stay on the marked trail. Beyond the path they find a surprisingly large number of bones, presumably the remains of deer.  

The cryptid hunters got permission in advance to use their drone in the park on the promise they would keep away from public areas when operating it. The adjusted the video settings to make the lights brighter and the darks stand out more, in hopes of allowing any movement or animals to stand out more. They manage to capture two dark spots that could be some sort of creatures but could also be a darker patch of ground, it’s too difficult to tell with the trees in the way.

They’re forced to land the drone earlier than anticipated when the weather becomes uncooperative with unexpected snow. They use the opportunity to hike back to where they thought they saw something with the intention of trying to get closer footage with cameras on the ground. This seems to be where they shot the teaser footage shown in the beginning and something that could be a bigfoot is seen for a few moments before it’s hidden behind the trees again.

It’s a bit infuriating to have the camera clearly find the creature with the zoom and then just point down instead of following the movement, but a few clear shots are seen that give one pause as to whether its a sasquatch or somebody dressed in all black winter outerwear. Another momentary closeup shows what definitely seems like black fur on the back of something walking upright on two legs, but it is gone behind a tree again in an instant.

A lot of footage is shown of what could possibly be a bigfoot but never gets close enough to be sure. Just as you start to get used to the quiet of following this unknown creature through the forest, a haunting guttural holler tears through woods that doesn’t sound quite animal or quite human. 

They claim to have lost the creature after that and decided to call it enough for a day, although they remain convinced they saw a cryptid of some sort, possibly bigfoot or a similar creature local to the area known as the “grassman”

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