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Trail Camera Captures Bigfoot Figure Throwing Rocks

He doesn't want his picture taken.

This man went out at night to see what was caught on his trail camera and believes bigfoot may have set it off by throwing rocks at the camera. He brings a small laptop computer with him to check the memory card on the spot and three new photos are found. The images show what does seem to be a rock arcing through the air towards the camera. The man points to an indistinct shape in the trees as being the sasquatch responsible.  

He also claims rocks were thrown at him by some train tracks previously and he believes it is the same creature seen on this trail camera. He then goes to search the area for the rocks but hears something large moving through the woods just across a small stream of water. He shouts to the dark that he means no harm and would just like a friendly encounter.

Many bigfoot sightings over the years have included descriptions of rocks being thrown to ward off trespassers, but most believe these are not meant to harm and only to warn. Attacks by these giant bipedal cryptids are rare and most believe the creatures to prefer to avoid contact. Many also believe sasquatches to be hunting carnivores though, so caution is always recommended. 

Skeptics point out that the "rocks" could have been large insects diving at the light from the camera, and as the rocks were never found it does beg questions.

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