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Man Claims Alleged Bigfoot Encounter "Changed the Course of His Life"

Cryptid or landslide?
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Hang around any Bigfoot enthusiasts for a bit, and you’ll learn that despite this creature’s widely-held status as “mythical”, there are plenty of common behaviors that anyone who has had a possible encounter with the creature will tell you happened to all of them. Things Bigfoot is known to do: 1) be blurry in photographs, 2) leave behind giant muddy footprints, 3) uproot trees and toss them around when angry, and 4) throw rocks when you unknowingly cross into their claimed territory.

This man says the experience of what he claims was a Bigfoot-like creature throwing rocks at him and his friends on a hike change the entire course of his life.

The man says he and his friends were hiking in the Olympic National Park, up near the timberline, in the mid-eighties when they were suddenly stopped in their tracks by the sound of a huge crash. Soon they were pummeled with a volley of rocks—not tumbling down hill like a landslide, but rather thrown at them like projectile weapons.

“The rock was not falling off a cliff because we were on top of a finger cliff…. it was thrown.”

The man claims the rocks arced in the air. They initially turned to run but when the man remembered he had a gun in his pack, he stopped to face whatever was attacking him…

And that, he claims, is when he saw the Sasquatch itself.

He says the creature must have been eight feet tall and a hundred pounds, with incredible muscles. He says he was terrified and rushed all the way down the ridge tot he trail.

“I’m not nuts,” he went on. “I know what I saw.”

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