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These People Believe They Recorded Bigfoot Screaming Off Their Back Patio

Experts are familiar with these sounds.
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Spend any time researching the evidence for Bigfoot, and you will soon be foliar with a whole host of new jargon. Bigfoot enthusiasts debate the scant photos, videos, recordings and plaster molds of footprints at length, and they’d named and categorized them all. There’s the famous 1967 Patterson-Glimlin film of Bigfoot walking down a slope, the “Independence Day” film of Bigfoot and cub in the forest, and the “Sierra Sounds,” a long recording of hoots, hollers, and growls that many think are the definitive record of Bigfoot vocalizations.

And that’s why Bigfoot people are taking note of this recording that a family made in the woods beyond their back patio, as the noises of the unseen animal sound very similar to those mysterious recordings.

Maybe it’s even a little too similar, as a mater of fact. One of the issues with TikTok is that it’s incredibly easy to layer whatever sounds you want to over the video you are showing. These hoots and hollers sound so similar to the “Sierra Sounds,” whose analog originals have been digitized and cleaned up over the decades, that many wonder if it isn’t those very same calls.

“I think they put the sounds over this video,” says one skeptic.

But others argue that the entire reason you can recognize animals’ vocalizations is because their calls are so similar to our human ears.

Another viewer says he’s heard the same noises from his porch in Montana. So even if this particular recording isn't original, it's still of unknown origin. But what is it?

The usual insistence to recordings such as these is that this is “just an elk,” though elk sounds are markedly different. And, more to the point, these sounds are often heard in conjunction with thrown rocks and tree branches. 

Elks are not known to throw trees.

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