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Bigfoot Caught on Camera In Payson Canyon Utah


A nature photographer in Utah was recording spring runoff water when he heard an unexpected and strange noise. He turned the camera and caught what might be a bigfoot moving through the trees. A large dark creature walking on two legs can be seen moving through the trees.


While the creature is still blurry and partially hidden by trees and foliage, it seems to come from a reputable photographer who has no reason to perpetrate a hoax. While the figure seen could certainly be a mere person in a gorilla suit, it doesn’t particularly look like that either. From what can be seen on the video, it does appear to be covered completely from head to toe in dark hair, although its height and size is impossible to determine without measuring the trees it was walking through.

What should you do if you spot a sasquatch? Obviously try to get video or at least pictures of it, but too few sightings have immediate follow up. Searching the area of the sighting for hair samples, footprints, and feces certainly seems like it would be the natural next step after a sighting, as these could lend strong supporting evidence that could be scientifically tested for more information. 

These elusive creatures are reported all over North America, usually in places rarely visited by people. It seems extremely unlikely people with gorilla costumes are just hanging out in the middle of nowhere waiting to be spotted by someone wielding a camera. 

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