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Female Bigfoot Believed to be Seen Crossing River With Her Infant

Really makes you appreciate bridges.

“Where are all the baby bigfoots?” Is something cryptozoologists would like to know, and this chance encounter may shed light on more information about the young lives of these legendary cryptids. Something bipedal is seen crossing a river, seemingly carrying what might be an infant. The footage is unobscured but blurry, perhaps from distance and hurrying to catch proof before the creatures disappeared into the trees at the edge of the water.  

Notably, this footage does not show a shaggy mane of hair on the head of the video’s subject but rather what almost looks like a crew-cut. Some believe this may simply be a regular person crossing the water, perhaps in fishing waders. Others think there’s no reason a species that avoided detection for this long couldn’t figure out the concept of a hair cut.

Carrying the infant across water does indicate some potential bigfoot parenting details, such as they care for their young which suggests a longer period of time before self-sufficiency is reached in young members of the sasquatch family. Many animals, especially prey animals, have a very short period before being able to walk and be on their own but if this is a bigfoot seen in the river it indicates something more akin to a human developmental period.

Some cryptozoologists believe sasquatch DNA may even be closely related enough to modern humans that hybrid offspring would be viable. There are stories of a “wild woman” found in Russia that many believe to be a bigfoot or neanderthal that survived into recent times. This woman was captured and “tamed” and eventually bore children. At least one descendent was traced to skeletal remains, but DNA testing has yet to be done to prove definitively whether or not this family had any genetic peculiarities that would lend evidence to the rumors.  

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