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Mississippi Skunk Ape Caught Tearing Apart Trees Bare Handed

Big bigfoot vibes...

At first it seems like a normal forest scene, but then a dark shadow begins to move with human-like agility. The camera wobbles for a moment, trying to get a good steady shot, and then it becomes clear there is a large bipedal creature covered in fur so dark it seems black. The creature seems to have its back to the camera, pushing itself into the stump of a tree to grab something and tug on it hard. It appears to be ripping parts of a cypress tree off with its bare hands, legs braced against the ground as if it is using all its strength.  

The creature seems to notice it is no longer alone and it stands up to its full height and begins to turn toward the cameraman, at which point they very sensibly flee full speed away leaving the viewers with the hectic bouncy shots of a phone still recording while arms pump furiously in a full speed run.

Many believe this creature to be the legendary skunk ape, or swamp ape, which is the local moniker for bigfoot or sasquatch in the southern and swampy region of the United States. The only difference generally reported between skunk apes and bigfoot is the stench said to accompany them that gives them their descriptive name, although many attribute the terrible smell to the heat and humidity combined with being covered in hair from head to toe. 

This sort of sighting is a perfect example of when it would be prudent to return to the scene to try and gather more definitive evidence for the cryptozoology community. It seems very likely hair samples would be present on the tree it was ripping apart, as well as footprints from where it was anchoring itself to rip the tree apart. This sort of post-sighting follow up can help build credible evidence in the search for sasquatch. 

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