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Woman in Isolated Cabin Claims to Spot Bigfoot-Like Creature

Whatever it is, she got scary close to it!

Is this cabin in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee home to a bigfoot? A woman innocently enjoying a walk through the quiet mountain woods thinks it might be after her shocking encounter with an unidentified bipedal creature. She was walking towards what looks like a large and rusted propane tank with a fallen tree lying across it when she ran into what appears to be a sasquatch-like creature investigating the other side of the metal tank.  

At times the cryptid appears to potentially be a bear, but then it will move its legs in a distinctly human manner that casts doubt on what exactly it could be. When its movements turn to a hunter stalking prey smoothness and it sets its sights on the woman she takes off running. She’s persistent though and tries to catch it on video from another direction. It’s impossible to tell if it’s a bear, a person in a costume, or an actual bigfoot roaming the woods of Appalachia.

Strangely enough, bigfoot is probably the safer option to meet in the woods as they are said to avoid contact and prefer displays of aggression rather than attacking. Bears are less likely to avoid humans and while most will display aggressive warnings before attacking, there are several instances of bears displaying what seemed to be peaceful curiosity lulling the human victim into a sense of safety before viciously attacking. Dangerous human strangers can also display false signs of safety before switching to extreme violence. 

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