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Father Walking In Woods With Little Girl Records Bigfoot Howling

Time to go.

Out of the mouths of babes… A father and daughter walking in the woods recently got a shock when they heard unearthly howling emanating from deep in the West Virginia woods.

“Listen!” the Dad says to his little girl. Luckily, the girl was not particularly scared, and she even had a theory for what it was that was making that noise. 


Though her father is intent on listening to the strange sound, the child was nonplussed, and helpfully identifies the noise to her father. Only I’m not sure he entirely understands what she’s saying.

Neither do the people watching the video. “Astor? Hathot?” asks one viewer in the comments section.

But another one, an expert on translating toddler-speak, comes in clutch. “I’m a preschool teacher. She’s saying ‘dinosaur.’”

(I also heard dinosaur, for what it’s worth.)

And, to be honest, that’s a pretty good guess, kid. It’s probably just as likely to be a dinosaur as it is to be the other creature folks were postulating about upon viewing this video: the notorious, hairy Bigfoot.

Several West Virginians said that was definitely their friendly neighborhood Bigfoot, and a few ‘squatch enthusiasts asked for specific coordinates so they could go look for the creature themselves.

But I’m curious about this little girl’s dinosaur theory. After all, many think that lake and ocean cryptids are surviving examples of terrible reptiles. Maybe some of this howling we so often hear in the woods aren’t from giant hairy hominids at all, but rather, from something that belongs in Jurassic Park.