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Something Large and Mysterious is Stalking This Man's Woods

It's stealing chickens, destroying trail cams, and leaving creepy gifts.
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After losing several chickens over the winter, a man has been trying to figure out what kind of creature is hiding out in his woods. At first, he suspected an every day predator, a fox or some kind of other woodland creature. But he set up a few trail cams, all of which were destroyed. Unwilling to drop another three hundred dollars on a fancy piece of equipment that would just be broken, the man started working on another theory. In this case, he would love gifts for the creature out on a rock, far from the chicken coops, and see if he could bribe it to leave the livestock alone. Watch what happens.


In the video, he is visiting the “gifting rock” where he finds a variety of objects that this creature has left him, from a fox skull threaded with grass stems in a pattern, to tree limb markings often sighted by Bigfoot experts as a type of message system, as well as a rusty old trap.

Bigfoot fans are intrigued, especially about the X-shaped tree limbs thrust into the ground near the rock, which many say these animals use to mark their territory. Additionally, the old rusted trap left on the limbs seems to be symbolic.

“I would say the rusty trap is a symbolism of man’s attempt to capture, the violence that represents,” says one commenter astutely.

In addition to the gift, there are some intriguing tracks left in the mud around the rock.

In return for the prizes, the man left the creature a teddy bear and some beef jerky. We hope this works.