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Man Tells Hilarious Bigfoot Story From Native American Reservation

This guy is a great storyteller.

A Native American man made a hilarious joke skit about why he disappeared for a few days and his description of bigfoot will leave you laughing out loud. The man comes in from outside, bundled for the cold bite of winter weather and a voice off screen asks him where he’s been. He get’s all serious and says “I gotta tell you something.” He starts to tell a tale of how he was walking home the night before on a pitch black trail and he couldn’t see anything but the moon and trees. He says suddenly he heard the crashing of a falling branch and he turned to look and saw the G.O.A.T himself.  

His friend off screen is not familiar with the acronym, throwing off the rhythm of the story. He pauses his dramatic hand gestures to explain he saw the legendary bigfoot and then resumes his pose as if he’s gesturing up into the face of the sasquatch he claimed to have encountered. He says bigfoot dropped down from a tree to stand in front of him and stare. The man reenacts it as if he were there and stands frozen, explaining he was so terrified and also the creature’s breath smelled “like corpse”. He says he thought that was it, he was about to be bigfoot’s late night snack - but then the legendary cryptid leans in and tells him “Get home safe.” He then says the creature even gave him a piggyback ride home and also that he needs to stop drinking.

Many native tribes have long oral histories that tell tale of a race of large hairy creatures with big feet that share the land with humans. Many sightings are still reported on tribal lands in modern times although the residents are often reticent to share stories of bigfoot publicly. 

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