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People Can’t Decide If This Man Captured a Bigfoot or Matrix Glitch In This Footage

What do you think it is?

Many people believe that the cryptid known as Bigfoot is not a physical creature at all. It’s not a wild animal like a gorilla or a bear, but instead some kind of supernatural creature, capable of “phasing” in and out of existence, or being “cloaked”. How else to explain how no one has ever found concrete evidence of their existence. No habitat, no bones, nothing more than the occasional blurry photo or smeared footprint.

Many can also tell you of encounters with cloaked, invisible creatures in the forest, though no one knows if it’s Bigfoot, aliens, or if those words are actually synonymous. The concept has even been borrowed by Hollywood for the Predator series of films.


In this video, someone has gotten a very clear image of what looks like one of those cloaked beings on a forest path. Viewers are amazed and suggest everything from otherworldly creatures to military personnel using heretofore unknown equipment that makes them invisible.

But others say that they’ve seen strange things in the woods exactly like this before.

“This is amazing and it is the first video I’ve ever seen that shows EXACTLY what I saw almost Fifty years on a hunt with my father.. GOOSE BUMPS…!” says one commenter.

Others say these kind of effect can be faked with green screen suits.

But this isn’t the first “invisible creature” that has been spotted in the woods in recent months, and we’ve written about the incidents before.

What is going on in the woods?