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Midwestern Fisherman Gets a Little Too Close to Bigfoot One Night

Stop whistling!
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Bigfoot researchers are among the most indefatigable cryptid hunters out there. No matter how many times the thing they are stalking is proven to be a fake or a known animal, they are not deterred. Bigfoot enthusiasts hold conferences to discuss their findings, use advanced technology to analyze decades-old videos, and are constantly in search of that one piece of evidence that will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, prove the existence of the creature they absolutely know is out there somewhere.

Lots of folks have found themselves on the Bigfoot bandwagon, lately, especially on apps like TokTok. Unfortunately, the context-free nature of TikTok, in which its easy to repost old videos without time stamps or explanations, make it tough for even discerning Bigfoot fans to tell what it is they are looking at.

This video purports to be a repost from a YouTuber with the handle of “urban angler” showing a time he came across some disturbingly tall “eyeshine” while in the woods. (This term refers to the glow of an animal’s eyes in the darkness.) And indeed, the video is super creepy.

It’s also, sadly, fake. A visit to the “urban angler” YouTube page reveals a longer version of this clip, as well as several others in which the creator posts a variety of obviously fake Bigfoot and other cryptic videos—some for chills and some for laughs—as a source of entertainment.

But with careful editing and reposting on an entirely different app, you too can have a cryptid viral sensation.

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