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Bigfoot May Have Been Spotted By an Eagle Nest Observation Camera

Not bad considering the camera was pointed at the nest!

This eagle nest camera was intended to view baby eagle hatchlings but caught something resembling the fabled Sasquatch in the peripheral corner. The video edit zooms in on the mysterious human-shaped dark figure for easier viewing, but you can also see the original footage of it in the corner.


The creature traversing across the forest floor moves with distinctly bipedal and human movements but appears to be very large and completely covered in dark fur. The camera is focused on the nest, so the footage of the creature is blurry and could easily be a person in an ape costume attempting an elaborate prank. This would require foreknowledge of where the eagle cam was located and exactly what its range of vision would be, and then the sheer luck of somebody noticing such a tiny background detail. Not impossible, but not likely either.

There are many different theories about what Bigfoot could really be other than a hoax, such as a North American giant ape that followed ancient humans across the land bridge during the last ice age. Bigfoot could also be a human relative, a branch off the old homo sapien family tree, like homo floresiensis discovered on the island Flores in Indonesia. 

Some Bigfoot enthusiasts claim the government is hiding proof of these cryptids’ existence, either because they believe the general public couldn’t responsibly deal with such contradictory to previous science information or as a conservation effort to prevent a renewed enthusiasm for game hunters to go out en masse to bring them down. If there was a surviving population of Sasquatch creatures then such a hunt would surely bring about their definitive extinction. 

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